Technical data

Colour of frame Gris foncé
Color of fabric Gris
Colour of top end of backrest Coloris teck
Colour of armrest Coloris teck
Type of frame Aluminium
Material of seat and back surface Textilux®
Material of back slat Aluminium avec insert en teck certifié FSC®
Material of armrest Aluminium avec teck
Function Dossier réglable 6 positions, hauteur d'assise 38 cm env.
Art no. 352/G-G
EAN code 4003348 60495 0
Packing unit 1 CT
Gross weight per unit in kg ca. 13,20
Weight netto ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) in cm ca. 193 x 79 x 102
Packing measures (LxWxH) in cm ca. 131 x 83 x 24
Height of seat (cm) 38
Width of seat (cm) 58