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Here, you'll get some interesting information about our products and get some tips on how to clean your SIEGER garden furniture.

SIEGER garden table with vivodur table tops

As a result of high investments in development and the latest manufacturing technology, these table tops are exclusively produced in Germany and therefore, all table tops abtain the "Made in Germany" quality seal. The high quality features of the own created mecalit®-PRO-table top served as guide for SIEGER's development. The edge of the new table top is hermetical sealed and impact resistant which result from the further development of the edge geometry. The high quality melamine-coated surface is durable, completely weather resistant as well as heat and frost resistant. The modern decorative table tops with various colourmatching frame models made of aluminium or steel in graphite, iron-grey, champagne and marone. Due to the various colours, the range of vivodur offers an optimal solution for all tastes and uses.

vivodur klein

Innovative technology

With its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, SIEGER sets standards for outdoor use. High-density chipboards are encapsulated in a complex reactive production process with a thermosetting high-tech material. During the process, the viscous base material penetrates the core of the board. Additional connecting ribs and a minimal, hardly visible overlapping edge develop a firm bond and provide the core with a hermetical seal. Simultaneously, a highly impact resistant edge is formed. The high quality, acid proof and heat resistant melamine faced top surfaces contribute to the durable weather resistance of the entire vivodur® tabletop.


vivodur® High QualityHigh Quality

When it comes to the quality of vivodur table tops, SIEGER makes no compromises and applies the same quality criteria as for its renowned mecalit®-PRO table tops, which are manufactured at the company's own production facilities. The vivodur table top is completely weatherproof and designed to resist any seasonal impact of the weather. A high-quality melamine-coated table top surface ensures its resistance to heat and cold. It withstands all elements and ensures durable use.

vivodur® Modern DesignModern Design

The vivodur design line from SIEGER is in line with current trends thanks to the visually thin, highly stable tabletop. Modern decorative table top finishes with a slate-, marble or wood look are combined with various colourmatching frame models made of aluminium or steel tubes.The comprehensive vivodur table line offers the perfect solution for all tastes and uses.

Sieger garden tables with mecalit®-PRO table tops

Since many years, we have been producing mecalit®-PRO table tops with our patented process of thermoplastic encapsulation of melamine faced particle boards. The high quality table tops are completely weatherproof, acid-proof and heat resistant and have an impact resistant table top edge. The different leg frame styles are made of strong polyester coated steel tube, aluminium profiles or resin. The compact high-density core boards have an extremely high pull-out resistance of the screwed fastening devices. No deflection of the tops, no water ingress, no damage to the table top edge!

mecalit ohne TÜV

mecalit®-PRO table tops

In a thermoplastic encapsulation process, high density flat pressed and melamine faced particle boards are injection moulded with the new high-tech resin material Elastec and receive a well-shaped, hermetically sealed and impact resistant edging with a fine textured surface which gives the table top an appealing look together with the board pattern.

The mecalit®-PRO table tops combine all the unbeatable characteristics of the MELAMIN top surface which include:

  • heat resistant
  • frost resistant
  • weather resistant
  • acidproof
  • UV-stable

Hence, the mecalit-PRO-table tops are optimally suitable for all outdoor uses, based on the range of variations.
All in all, decisive quality features that cannot yet be achieved by standard plastic tops or other garden table tops.

The strong accumulation of plastic material in the edge area and the special edge profile - see cross section shown below - guarantee a completely waterproof table top with an extremely impact resistant and well-designed table top edge.

mecalit®-PRO Plattenprofil

SIEGER garden tables with mecalit®-PRO tops are well known for their quality and design.
2 years guarantee.

Mecalit Pro Dekor anthrazit

Product features of the vivodur and mecalit®-PRO tabletops

PUROPLAN® wetterfest PUROPLAN® kältefest PUROPLAN® schlagfest PUROPLAN® glutfest PUROPLAN® säurebeständig
 weather resistant    frost resistant   impact resistant     heat resistant

      acid proof

Tischfreiheit mit System

tischfreiheit mti system


Polytec® table tops are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) with an extremely effective weather protection. The tops have a thickness of 12 mm and are perfect for any outdoor application. The core of the board is matched in black or brown corresponding to the selected decoration paper. The bevelled edge geometry of the board gives the table top a modern and elegant appearance.



Porcelain ceramic

Porcelain ceramic table tops are extremely solid and distortion-free due to the bonding of two thin porcelain ceramic panels with a fiber glass mat in a sandwich structure. The tops do not absorb any humidity and consequently resist to all atmospheric or climatic impacts. The hard top surface achieved in the production process makes the table top completely resistant to all exterior influences and easy to clean. The 7 mm thick porcelain ceramic table top is ideal for any outdoor use.     




Fiber glass

Fiber glass tops are characterized by their exquisite surface finish and pleasant haptics. The boards have a high-tech fiber glass core consisting of 25% of glass fibers. The multi-layer duroplast basic material is processed to a distortion-free 8 mm thick table top under high pressure in a complex thermosetting production process. The high quality lacquer coating gives the weather-resistant top an elegant touch. 


Made in Germany

The newly developed, innovative vivodur tabletop generation from SIEGER and the wide range of mecalit®-PRO table products are all manufactured at the german headquarters and therefore bear the "Made in Germany" quality seal.

Made in Germany


The recyclable light metal is an ideal material for outdoor use. Due to its low weight SIEGER's aluminium furniture are easy to handle, but with appropriate wall thicknesses of the aluminium tubes it also has a high stability. The rustproof aluminium receives a high-quality polyester coating with a fine surface finish which makes the furniture resistant to the impact of the weather and easy to clean. Aluminium is ecologically beneficial and can be recycled. Dirt caused by weather influences can easily be removed with a cloth or a soft brush and water.



Without doubt teak is the premier timber for exterior use, due to its weather resistance and outstanding durability. Teak wood has been grown for decades in state plantations and state controlled forests. Today it is available in sufficient quantities for the production of high quality furniture. The permanent reforestation in accordance with strict forestry guidelines of this renewable raw material guarantees the durable preservation of the tropical rainforest. The weatherproof teak wood used by us comes from well-managed ecological forestry. Teak wood is a natural material and is therefore subject to visible changes. New teak wood parts show various lively colour nuances. After a certain time, under the influence of the weather and due to the UV radiation untreated teak wood takes on its typical but almost never regular honey colour. Finally, it develops a silvery grey patina, which is appreciated by many teak fans.

However, if the furniture is treated with teak oil regularly, the original honey colour can be maintained (see care instructions on the product).

The teak SIEGER uses, is certified as "Wood from well-managed forests" according to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). The certifikation number for SIEGER is FSC® C122927. All products containing teak are marked with the FSC® label.




Our FSC®-certified furniture and table tops are specially identified.

Tisch Teak

Resin garden furniture

SIEGER's resin garden furniture are ideal for outdoor usage.
Manufactured of high-quality, impact resistant, mineral-reinforced and coloured polypropylene with added UV-stabilisers and antistatic additives, this furniture is robust, durably weatherproof and 100% recyclable. Its high gloss non-porous surface avoids the sticking of dirt and makes it easy to clean.

Vollkunststoffmöbel Garantie


umweltfreundlich - recycling-fähiger KunststoffWith the optimal balancing of design and stability requirements, we achieve to combine an attractive look with an ergonomic sitting and lying comfort. Our furniture is exclusively made in Germany, and by using selected branded high quality raw materials and the most modern production facilities, we ensure the constant high quality standard of our SIEGER outdoor furniture.

TEXTILUX® fabric

Textilux® is a durable and breathable synthetic mesh fabric which is pleasant to the touch and extremely comfortable whether sitting or lying down, with or without cushions. The synthetic fabric made of polyester yarns is completely weather resistant and easy to clean. Even after continued use the tear resistant Textilux® fabric will retain its good appearance and stability.



The Dralon® / polyacril fabric is wear-resistant, shape-retaining, easy-care, breathable, and mould-resistant. Due to its high fastness to light and its good UV resistance, this material is ideal for outdoor use.

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Fabrics made of polyproylene feature a very good fastness to light and a high UV resistance. Therefore, the wear-resistant, shape-retaining, breathable and easy-care fabrics are ideal for outdoor use.


The high quality Sunbrella® fabrics are woven of solution dyed polyacrylic threads. The acrylic material is extraordinarily colourfast, strongly weatherable, and has a long durability. Consequently, Sunbrella® scored best values for UV colourfastness tested to ISO 105 B02 (8/8) and for weather condition colourfastness in accordance with ISO 105 B04 (4-5/5). The finishing treatment applied to the breathable and mould resistant fabrics repels liquid and dirt. Thus, the fabrics are extremely easy to keep clean and can be machine washed at 40° C. Sunbrella® fabrics are perfect for all outdoor applications and carry a guarantee of 5 years for colourfastness and for resistance to rotting. In addition, Sunbrella® is also awarded with the Oeko-Tex® label (Class II) and obtained the Greenguard certification. 



Sunproof® fabrics are woven from polypropylene yarns which have a strong ability to withstand durably the effects of prolonged exposure to outdoor influences. The breathable fabrics have a strong resistance to UV damage and an outstanding colour fastness according to BE EN ISO 105-B04 (7/8). Due to a special treatment they are mould resistant as well as dirt and stain repellent. This allows an easy cleaning of the fabric.  Sunproof® fabric has obtained the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 label and is 100% recyclable.


SIEGER products are subject to a permanent quality control. Being a german brand manufacturer we guarantee the quality of our products and have them controlled by the technical inspection authority TÜV.

This is documented by the respective certificates and the TÜV/GS logo.



SIEGER guarantees that the selected and high-quality materials used in its products have been worked with the greatest of care. We offer a guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase for mechanical errors which have arisen during the course of normal use. In the event of claims, please send your complaint to your dealer and enclose your original receipt. Damage caused by incorrect use or the use of force is not covered by the guarantee.