Those who don’t view wobbly beer benches the ultimate seating option for a larger garden party will prefer to have guests take a seat on comfortable chairs instead. But lots of guests also mean lots of chairs. And that inevitably leads to the question: what to do with all the chairs once the party’s over? The lightweight, space-saving, stackable FARO aluminium armchairs are the perfect solution. FARO stacking chairs are made entirely of aluminium. As a special design feature, the armrests have a distinctive and accurately crafted aluminium pad in anthracite grey. Colour-coordinated seat and back cushion sets improve seating comfort and thus the seating pleasure. But it also works without cushion sets, too. That’s when FARO armchairs, their seats and backs crafted in a fine, slatted-frame look, show their unadorned ‘second face’ and are a real eye-catcher!


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